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  1. Moose_

    Measuring Returns

    Hi All, Each month for the next few years I plan on purchasing a parcel of shares. My question is how do I measure my annual performance against the index when I'm constantly growing the portfolio with new acquisitions? Thanks Moose
  2. Iggy_Pop

    Superannuation and Fund Returns

    I have been following the returns on my long term superannuation fund for a number of years, and I could never get the percentage return to match what was credited to my account. It was always difficult to accurately calculate because of fortnightly contributions but the credited amount was...
  3. K

    Options trading return estimation

    Hi, I have $20,000 and risking 40% doing mechanical trade. I only trade options on thinkorswim. I am building short portfolio. I am just wondering how much return i should expect every year?
  4. goponcho

    Overall market return?

    Hi, am a beginner learning value investing. Am trying to workout the rough yield between investment classes. With regards to a indexing option, where can i find the data to calculate the overall long term return of an index fund such as VAS? - with the dividend yield, maybe take the average of...
  5. I

    Anyone invested in fine wine before?

    Has anyone had experience investing in fine wine, they seem to have produced some good double digit returns? Any help or advice would be appreciated!
  6. C

    Trading SPI 200 CFDs - reasonable returns?

    Hi All, I am new to the ASF and am very interested in many of the comments being made. I trade the SPI, and after initial problems have developed my own method which has been quite successful. I have never traded anything in the past but after retirement decided I would dip my toes in the...
  7. J

    Mortgage bonds returns

    Hi Guys, new to the forums and would appreciate some advice I don’t have much experience in investing but looking to broaden my knowledge as much as possible Ok so my question is in regards to the returns that bond funds that are backed exclusively by mortgages can boast returns around 8%...
  8. Stan 101

    Returns on real estate

    I was up here at a few open houses from 2 bed units to 4 bed homes of varying levels of opulence in Townsville today and noticed all real estate agents were really pushing home the concept of "great rental returns" and "great cashflow returns." one example was $260k two bed unit, 80 square...