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  1. divs4ever

    Achieving a sufficient retirement income portfolio a major priority for me , right for the start of my investing adventure ( well i was 55 , no super , but a useful amount of money , i suppose i could have opted for a mid-life crisis )
  2. Zaxon

    What's your retirement asset allocation percentages?

    What's your planned break down between Australian stocks, international stocks, corporate bonds, treasuries, property, lending products, cash, etc, on the day you retire. If you've already retired, tell us what your percentages were at the time you retired. For instance: 60% international...
  3. M

    Retirement Stocks 2019

    Hi Thought I'd see if there is any interest among retirees exchanging thoughts on stocks to hold for dividends and (usually) franking credits for income purposes. This could be a very boring topic for many investors, and I am more interested in the views of those who have retired. I'm 74 and my...
  4. L

    Ideas... not advice

    I am looking for some ideas on how to approach finances to position myself and wife for retirement. Nothing anyone says will be construed as financial advice...I am just finding that accountants and financial advisers are limited and conservative in their least the ones I come...
  5. qldfrog

    The great escape

    A thread about relocation for retirement, pre retirement or even working career out of Australia focussing on taxation, living cost, legal issues,tax residency
  6. basilio

    How to retire early... or simply survive

    Came across two "similar but different" stories today. The first was an extract from a book on Living Frugally and how to retire (to an idyllic paradise) at 32. The second was from a blog site on living frugally - just to stay alive. I wondered what ASF posters would make of the differing...
  7. sptrawler

    What hobby have you taken up in retirement?

    Well I've been retired for 5 years, I'm finding I need purpose, tried the caravan thing the other half hated it. Tried filling in my time on ASF, it ends up the same as a workplace, you get caught up in the politics and workplace egos. I have finally worked out what I need to do. I started my...
  8. tech/a

    Most who want to get rich or retire wealthy... have got it wrong

    (1) I've seen post after post from younger people who are overcapitalized and under educated who are searching for ways to increase their net wealth. They all want to invest their merge funds and compound their wealth. In a large majority of cases that effort to increase their $5-10K by $1000 in...
  9. R

    Critique my financial retirement plan

    Hello, I am 52 and considering early retirement. I would be grateful is some of the gurus on this forum could comment on my plan. It is based on investment in the markets (well, Super anyway). My financial plan is here: A warning - I am...
  10. C

    Retirement - How much do you need?

    A question I have been grappling with for the past year or so is how much lump sum do you need to retire comfortable at 55, and with that lump sum how would you distribute it to generate said income. Scenario, you are debt free own your home and live comfortable, in good health and want to...
  11. P

    Superannuation, will it be worth it when you retire?

    I was talking with a colleague this week whose an accountant and who like me runs his own SMSF, he told me how few people at our workplace either salary sacrifice or take much interest in there Superannuation even when told of the benefits of salary sacrifice, also said how many were burden with...
  12. So_Cynical

    Why do non-residents pay significantly more tax than residents?

    I've been looking into over seas retirement and was rather shocked to find out that Non-residents don't get the tax free threshold and are taxed at 29 cents in the dollar for all Aussie income under 35K. :eek: that's almost twice the normal rate! Seems a little bizarre since a Non-resident...
  13. ghotib

    Retirement Village deferred management fees

    Judging by the nursing home thread, quite a number of people here have elderly parents. Does anyone have a good understanding of how deferred management fees work and what legislation governs them? My questions are a bit technical and specific to on situation, but the gist is that we - my...
  14. Julia

    Retirement Income

    I was surprised to see painted across a bank window recently the following: "87% of Australians retire on $13,000 per annum" This represents the single rate of the Aged Pension. If I'd tried to guess how many people would fall into this category, I'd have said around 50% - 60%...
  15. H

    How to Retire Rich

    Hi all, just wondering what peoples opinions are of the low price/sales ratio type trading strategy detailed in the James O'Shaugnesy book "How to Retire Rich". Corny tilte but some interesting ideas I think.