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  1. Dreadweave

    RFG - Retail Food Group

    Thought I'd start a thread because I couldn't find one on RFG. I hold at 2.59 and haven't seen much action in the past month, They have seen some good growth in the past 6 months so maybe I have missed the action. I picked this one up on advice from the Australian Stock report back in September...
  2. Gringotts Bank

    Robot versus retail on the ASX

    How to fight back? If you place a buy order at the top bid, the price moves up away from you. If you place a sell order at or near the top offer, the price moves down away from you. If you do nothing, the price remains exactly where it is. If you use conditional orders, the market always...
  3. J

    Retail stock lending

    Hi Is there any possibility for retail investors to lend out their stocks for the facilitation of short selling? It's completed in the market by super funds etc regularly to get a better return on their shares. I would be quite interested in doing it. Thanks Joe
  4. Ijustnewit

    Retail gone mad

    Hi , I just got home from Woolworths and they already have the Christmas goods out for sale. I'd like to hear other Forum members views. Is this just Retail gone mad ?
  5. Tyler Durden

    The future of Australian retail?

    I've been hearing some conflicting reports lately about the retail sector - sometimes there'll be articles about how people are keeping their wallets closed this festive season, yet later another article will pop up about how Christmas sales this year are expected to be the same or higher than...
  6. MrBurns

    The Harvey Norman indicator of retail decline

    I've been waiting for this, a massive drop, who knows how bad next year will be - where is the bottom of all this ? It's like watching grass grow and the property decline hasn't really started yet in earnest.