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  1. debtfree

    2020 Monthly Stock Tipping Results

    @Joe Blow has kindly agreed to also post the Monthly Tipping Competition Results here at the end of each month for me to record, update and display the data for the full year as it progresses throughout 2020. I hope it creates interest and also a lot more entries into the Competition each...
  2. N

    Interactive Brokers - Paper trading provides misleading results

    Hi All, I created an IB account and for the last six weeks I've been doing paper trading. My account is steadily growing and apparently I am so successful I could quit my job. I usually make up to ten trades per day, each trade is about $4000 - $5000. In one month I made about $10000, if I am to...
  3. tech/a

    Looking for papers on Evidence Based Results for T/A and F/A methods/ideas/hypotheses

    I'm on the search for any papers relative to any analysis F/A or T/A that has been rigorously tested The result positive or negative is un important. The veracity of the testing is however---must be Evidence based. If you know of any could you post up a link. Have a bit from Dr Bruce...
  4. pavilion103

    Trading Education - Time committed vs. results

    With trading, as when undertaking any new venture, there is initially a very steep learning curve. There is so much to know and as some studies have shown it takes approx 10,000 (well spent) hours to become an expert at something. Initially there is the excitement of taking in new information...
  5. Y

    RIM - Rimfire Pacific Mining

    :) Hi folks, RIM ..... currently has 2 significant transiting cycles, which may signal a change in market sentiment for this stock. Figure that it will be another stock that will tick up very slowly, like CVN (and EGO too?). Short-term cycles for RIM may feature, on...