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  1. D

    Learning covered calls/resources/practice trading platforms

    Hi all, I'm a newbie for trading and I have seen webinars on covered call strategy. I did a bit of basic search and now interested to explore it further. 1. Can someone please recommond good resources to learn further covered call strategies. 2. Which platforms do you recommond to trade for...
  2. C

    Any Good Resources for Learning Market Depth/Reading The Tape?

    Hey everyone, Has anyone got any recommended videos, blogs, book anything for reading market depth, can't find to many resources on it. Plenty on risk management, indicators and setups but can't find anything valuable on the subject. Thanks everyone
  3. C

    Recommended Resources for Newbies

    What's the number one book/resource anyone looking to be a share investor in Australia should look into?
  4. H

    Why does resource curse exist and how did Australia escape the curse?

    The resource curse refers to the paradox that countries with an abundance of natural resources (like fossil fuels and certain minerals), tend to have less economic growth. I am puzzled why the resource curse exists in the first place. If you are born into a rich family, shouldn't that give you...
  5. darkhorse70

    Missing Person/Private Detective Resources

    As some of you know, my best friend went missing last year around October. They found his car at Kanangra Boyd National Park near the blue mountains NSW. After I think what was NSW largest search efforts, no trace of him was ever found. Both police and SES were divided on what could have...
  6. B

    Learning materials for a beginner

    Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone can suggest some good learning resources. I spent $7000 on a course just for it to have no support and very out dated so that has sent me broke so please if anyone has any useful links or books to buy please share! Thanks guys
  7. S

    Newbie looking for help with resources

    Hi I'm trying my hand at daytrading Au equities. I know it's hard. I'm looking for a few resources I'm lacking. What is the best way to find stocks that have substantially increased in price intraday, please? I've read of scanning programs, is that the best way? If so, what program is best...
  8. So_Cynical

    QRE - BetaShares S&P/ASX 200 Resources Sector ETF

    QRE is a new ETF that aims to track the price and income performance of the S&P/ASX 200 Resources you would expect its very heavily weighted to BHP (41.3%) in fact the top 5 holdings (BHP, RIO, NCM, WPL, ORG) make up 70% of the portfolio, with the other 55 odd stocks held by the Fund...