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    Books on energy and resource stocks

    Can anyone recommend any books (or other resources) on learning about what to look for when investing in commodity stocks eg what to look for in gold exploration companies / miners, oil and gas exploration / drilling, also what to look for in their exploration and drilling reports? Or even just...
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    The next big Resource Stock?

    Gday, we have had PDN, ZFX, CDU, and a number of other big jump in resource stocks. What is your team for the next penny stock to hit the lift. And what is your tip for the next $20 plus resource stock...
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    Downturn for resource stocks

    Anyone know why there might have been a downturn in the value of resource stocks? Its been a growing trend over the past 2 weeks or so.
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    Resource Stocks

    Im just wondering if anyone knows how to view all the stocks in the resources sector on commsec? or if its even possible? thanks