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  1. knockturne

    Looking for some feedback for a research project

    Hey everyone, I'm currently doing some research on peoples views on the investing in the stockmarket at uni. If any of you 4 or so minutes to fill out a survey I've put together it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to hit me up if you have any...
  2. P

    Beginner trying to research

    Hi, I'm a newbie so hope I'm in the right place. I have a good property portfolio but want to spread my risk into the stock market. I have dabbled a small amount in shares in the past and come out about even so hoping to do some research and become more profitable in the future. I have traded a...
  3. P

    Research on peer to peer lending

    I am researching peer to peer lending. I would love to get in touch with people living in either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne who have used a peer to peer lending platform as either a borrower or a lender (or ideally both). Please let me know if you are able to help out. Thanks!
  4. F

    Kalkine equities research

    Anyone any experience?
  5. S

    Research websites

    Hi Everyone Can anyone point me to a website/s that shows the Companies in say the ASX 100 listed with information such as dividend yield, per etc at a glance. Regards stargazer
  6. P

    Any thoughts about the new Commsec research platform?

    I like the layout, but don't know how to judge it's usefulness yet. How does it compare to other research advisories? The only other ones I know of are Stoxline and Barchart. Are the latter 2 totally tech based?
  7. A

    Looking for online investors to interview for PhD research

    Hi My name is Arthur and I am a Phd student at RMIT University in Melbourne. I am doing research into how share market investors gather and use information online. I am currently looking for online investors to interview for my research project. The interview would take approximately one...
  8. B

    Research: What is the most effective approach?

    Hello all, Yet another 'green horn' enters the forum. First, I would like to thank all the contributors to this forum, you are all a credit to the 'plain-english' speaking world. Your imput is greatly appreciated. As someone who has yet to buy a single share, I understand how...
  9. L

    How do I research IPOs?

    No sooner had I introduced myself on ASF that I got a call from someone who wanted to know if I was interested in an IPO. My name had been selected from one of those marketing lists – I guess I had ticked a box that said I was interested in the stock market. So… to the IPO. The sales guy used a...
  10. H

    50% of managers could be psychopaths: research

    If you happen to be around person, who is unpredictable with their reaction to what happens, changes target, seeks attention, punishes and rewards willy nilly, chances are you are dealing with psychopath. Unfortunately it can be anybody – boss, mother, father, brother, friend, ---------...