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  1. S

    Commitment of Traders Report?

    Is there a Commitment of Traders report for Australian Stocks available? If so, where can I find it? Thanks
  2. SirRumpole

    ABC Four Corners report on the Australian Tax Office

    I'm sure we would be interested in any member's experiences with the ATO, and if the report resembles reality.
  3. SirRumpole

    Intergenerational Report - Political gobbledygook?

    This is an interesting article on the IGR The bit that caught my eye was this Perhaps Mr Hockey would care to correct this anomaly before he lectures people about working longer...
  4. P

    IB - which report to use for FY 14 tax return?

    Hi guys, I'm new to IB & stock investment. Just wondering which report do IB users use for individual tax reporting purpose? I tried account management - reports - tax - tax forms which give me no information at all. Should I just use the activity report for the FY 13 - 14 date range & pick...
  5. Joules MM1

    Wall Street's own Warren Report

    video: PBS Frontline interviews for anyone wanting to fill some blanks, from the horses mouth..... excerpted (2nd interview Well Fargo AAA bank forced...