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  1. Zaxon

    Investing style is a religion

    I read an interesting thread in this forum about averaging down - buying more shares while the share price drops. The exclusive conclusion was that it was a silly idea, and you're throwing good money after bad. Cut your losses short. But Buffett says it's one of his favourite things to do...
  2. piggybank

    Who Said People In High Places Should Have Morals & Ethics?

    Hi, When will these corrupt people be made accountable and be severely punished for the Laws, Acts, Etc they broke or are the judges just inept and don't (cannot) relate to real people in the REAL World. Earlier this week I watched a replay of a 4 Corners episode entitled “In the Name of the...
  3. bellenuit

    Religion, Science, Scepticism, Philosophy and things metaphysical

    I have come across some interesting articles that don't easily fit into the Religion Is Crazy or The Beauty In Religion threads that sometimes relate to religion or the intersection of science and religion so I thought I would start a new thread so that these can be discussed. - - - Updated - -...
  4. R

    Welcome to 'Belgistan

    The graffiti on a building in Belgium says it all: "Welcome to 'Belgistan." In fact, some are now calling it the Muslim capital of Europe. Watch this video: I guess you could call some part of Sydney: 'sydnistan'
  5. MS+Tradesim

    The beauty in religion

    Plenty of threads here vilifying religion so it's time for a positive one. If you want to post bigotry or conspiracist nonsense please go elsewhere. Just the good here. =======================================================...
  6. kennas

    Religion IS crazy!

    There's some strange things that religion makes people do. Like praying, for example. :confused: Then, there's some things that are good. Like providing shelter and food. (often free of charge, but usually you are persuaded to accept JC as the main man!) Then, there are some really...
  7. Stan 101

    Religion as a fable

    After reading a few threads here I've got to thinking about religion. Now first up I'm only looking for serious thought on this. Ancient Greeks had gods, plenty of them. They died out and are thought of as laughable these days. If I seriously prayed to Zuus, I'd be thought of a lunatic. Can...