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  1. System

    HDN - HomeCo Daily Needs REIT

    HomeCo Daily Needs REIT will be an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust listed on the ASX with a mandate to invest in predominately metro-located, convenience based assets, across the target sub-sectors of Neighbourhood Retail, Large Format Retail and Health & Services. At Completion, the...
  2. derangedlawyer

    Australian real estate ETFs; which one is better, VAP or RENT?

  3. System

    AQR - APN Convenience Retail REIT

    Convenience Retail REIT will be a listed Australian Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that wholly owns an Initial Portfolio of 66 service station and convenience retail assets located across Australia with a skew towards the eastern seaboard, independently valued at $308 million. The Initial...
  4. System

    CLW - Charter Hall Long WALE REIT

    Charter Hall Long WALE REIT will be an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) listed on the ASX and will seek to invest in high quality Australasian properties that are predominantly leased to corporate and government tenants on long-term leases. The REIT will comprise an Initial...
  5. System

    WPR - Waypoint REIT

    Viva Energy REIT is an Australian property group which, prior to its listing on the ASX, will have acquired from Viva Energy a portfolio of 425 service station sites located throughout all Australian States and Territories. All of the properties in the portfolio will be leased to Viva Energy...
  6. W

    Getting a list of REITs

    Is there somewhere I can easily see a full list of REITs listed on the ASX and what they basically hold? I am doing some research into REITs holding residential property in the capital cities (specifically Sydney) and looking for all of the REITs who hold a significant interest in this market.
  7. System

    AVN - Aventus Retail Property Fund

    Aventus Retail Property Fund has been established to invest in Australian retail property, focusing predominantly on large format retail centres. The Fund will acquire an initial portfolio of 14 assets, geographically diversified across Australia and, following completion, will be one of the...
  8. System

    TOT - 360 Capital REIT

    The 360 Capital Total Return Fund (TOT) aims to provide total returns to Stapled Unitholders through a selective and disciplined investment philosophy combined with access to real estate based investment opportunities available to the Fund through the 360 Capital platform, with a hurdle...
  9. System

    COF - Centuria Office REIT

    Centuria Metropolitan REIT (CMA) consists of a portfolio of commercial and industrial assets with a combined independent valuation of $183 million. It has no development risk and a pure Australian property focus. Its assets are geographically diversified across New South Wales (five...
  10. System

    CUA - Centuria Urban REIT

    The 360 Capital Office Fund's objective is to provide consistent and growing income returns with an opportunity for capital growth from office assets across Australia. It is anticipated that 360 Capital Office Fund...
  11. System

    ADI - APN Industria REIT

    Industria REIT is a new Australian real estate investment trust (REIT) to be listed on the ASX. Industria is seeking to raise up to $225.0 million through the offer of securities at an offer price of $2.00 per security. Industria will own interests in a workspace focussed portfolio of 18...
  12. System

    ANI - Australian Industrial REIT
  13. System

    CIP - Centuria Industrial REIT

    The Fund was established in August 2002 by Glenmont Properties Limited to acquire and hold a portfolio of industrial properties. In accordance with the Fund's Product Disclosure Statement issued in January 2008, the term of the Fund is for an 80 year period; however a compulsory liquidity event...
  14. M

    US REITs that are traded on the ASX?

    First post here. I feel it is a good time to get into US property but is having trouble finding companies/funds heavily exposed to US property listed on ASX. I've looked at TSO, CNP, RCU and all of them are unsuitable. TSO: Getting acquired. CNP: They sold their US holdings and is in...
  15. System

    GHC - Generation Healthcare REIT

    Generation Healthcare REIT (GHC) was formerly known as ING Real Estate Healthcare Fund (IHF).
  16. Joe Blow

    CQR - Charter Hall Retail REIT

    Charter Hall Retail REIT (CQR) was previously known as Macquarie Countrywide Trust (MCW). For previous discussion of this company please see the MCW thread, which can be found here:
  17. roland

    CQO - Charter Hall Office REIT

    Formally MOF Macquarie Office Trust, CQO had a good day today. Around 40 million in volume for the last 2 days has us on the high side of volume. REIT's are known to lag the market and it seems they are strengthening. I hold CQO, ABP and FKP and have noticed they are all picking up.
  18. hotbmw

    REITs - Hong Kong & China

    Hey Guys, Im interested in investing in this sector in a couple of months time,. How do i invest? Is anyone invested already or looking to do the same thing? How do i find info on the best REIT's in Hong Kong & China? I would appreciate any info. Thanks in advance Rob