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  1. M

    Australian Crypto currency Exchanges regulated?

    Today I attended a webinar by an Australian based ( AFSL) spruiker of "Trading Education" topic was Crypto currency trading. The usual sales BS pitch about how bullish things have been etc in which I think he was using both the various currencies and some companies associated with crypto...
  2. M

    The Paradox of Regulation

    In the past when there was less regulation, society relied on people doing "the right thing". It was sort of a catch all, where if it didn't seem right then it probably wasn't. However, as more and more people gamed the system, the solution appeared to be to enact legislation to govern peoples'...
  3. Whiskers

    Should hedge funds be suspended/banned or more tightly regulated?

    From... Should shorting be suspended/banned? Quite an understatement. Maybe a more appropriate question should be should hedge funds be suspended/banned or more tightly regulated. It reminds me a bit of the firearm debate. Who should have access to them, should their purpose for...