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  1. S

    Melbourne tax accountant for active traders - seeking recommendations

    Hi; Seeking personal recommendations for a tax accountant specialising doing ATO tax returns for Australian & Overseas Trading of Equities, Futures, FX, CFD's Etc. in Melbourne. Cheers and thanks in advance!
  2. I

    Technical Analysis book recommendations

    Hi all, I am interested in the content of the CMT certification textbooks however I'm not really concerned about getting the certification itself. Unfortunately the textbooks are rather expensive so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of other books of similar content...
  3. A

    ASX stock screener recommendations

    Im looking for a stock screener mainly to screen Bollinger bands. stock scan isn't operating anymore manage your trades wont download for me wont let me sign in I don't know if im just an not getting it or if all these website are just duds I don't want to spend hundreds of...
  4. A

    What to do with multiple recommendations?

    Hi, I am very new to buying shares & I recently subscribed to a publishing that issues a report each month with a few recommendations, in particular im referring to an issue that recommended 3 small cap mining companies considering its referring to 3 companies in the same sector would someone...
  5. R

    Super fund recommendations

    Morning, I live overseas so only have a small super fund of $15k (Not my only investment!) in a Perpetual fund which has low returns. I still have around 30 years until retirement and wont be coming back to Australia for the next few years at least. Any recommendations for a high...
  6. Joe Blow

    Mobile phone reviews and recommendations

    It looks like my iPhone 4S is finally giving up the ghost after many years of faithful service and I am now in the market for something new. I am considering giving an Android phone a try as I'm not loyal to Apple and the number and variety of Android phones seems to have proliferated in recent...
  7. J


    I am new to the market and have $10,000 to invest in stocks with good short-to-mid term growth prospects. If anyone knows of any opportunities that would be great.
  8. S

    Keeping track of recommendations

    Hi, first time poster, many more to come, hoping to get some ideas on how you control and monitor all the recommendations that come your way thru newsletters e.g. Fool, AFR etc etc. Is there an ideal spreadsheet out there. Does anyone track and record daily changes to TA indicators if so how? I...
  9. T

    Stock Trading Websites - Would They Work Here?

    I've been surfing around and I found a few exciting stock trading websites for overseas markets but none like them in Australia. What do you guys think about these ideas? Do you think they would work in Australia? Finding and sharing stock tips with everyone...