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    How can a stock with a high PEG be recommended as a strong buy?

    So I read about how the PEG ratio is the best guide to choosing the best stock for the money ( Apparently a stock with low PEG is better value for money than one with high PEG. Then why would a company like ORI with a PEG of 10...
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    Recommendation for a good financial planner

    hi Guys, I know the overall feeling about financial planners in this forums. However, despite those feelings, I'm looking for a good financial planner in Melbourne that is independent of any funds and works for his/her customers based on a fee independent of whether any investment is made...
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    Day trading - book/guide recommendation

    Hello, I'm quite new to stock trading. I put all my savings into various stocks a couple of months ago. I haven't made so much but it's more exciting than having cash in the bank. I wanna look at day trading, though I'd rather read a good book or an guide about it first. I want to avoid...
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    Buy vs. accumulate recommendation

    can anyone explain the difference?