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  1. basilio

    Sanity, Rationality, Reality, Possibility

    Yes a very obtuse thread title. I just wanted to explore some of the questions around ideas that seem to taking hold of peoples minds and which sometimes become part of our wider belief systems. I just emerged from an Alice in Wonderland Journey through a few of the themes and memes that are...
  2. Bintang

    The Great Aussie Housing Bubble - Reality or Fantasy?

    The RBA’s failure to lower interest rates this week has put the spotlight back on the topic of whether Australia has a housing bubble or not. After Steve Keen lost his bet on house prices and made his long march to Mt Kosciuszko the house bubble protagonists seemed to go quiet but they are...
  3. sydboy007

    Income levels - welfare meet reality?

    This is the latest information I'e been able to dig up on income distribution in Australia. IMHO welfare should be targeting the bottom 30% with a fairly fast tapering off by around 35%. I'm not sure how much money a policy like this would save, but I dare say it would be enough to give a...
  4. basilio

    When can we create reality? When can we deny reality? When do we have to accept it?

    Just some musings about what is "real" and how we spend so much energy trying to create or deny or ignore the world around us with varying degrees of success. To kick it away : 1) If one can create enough buzz about a "Blue Sky Mining" stock then other punters will join the throng push up...
  5. basilio

    Rewriting reality

    It has come to this. Texas Governer Rick Perry has ordered his officials to delete all references to climate change and sea level rises from a landmark environmental report. The scientists who contributed to the report now refuse to allow their names to be penned to what they see as lie...
  6. explod

    Gobbledygook: Reality, Dreaming or Rubbish?

    I have found the large divide in how we percieve and therefore understand our fellow travellers on ASF can lead to a lot of tension. My hope is that this thread may examine the issues that effect good communication. Time and outside distractions are of course just two of them. My wife for...
  7. Average Joe

    The New Wall Street Reality

    Pretty funny. The New Wall Street Reality GM chapter 11 = PRICED IN 125K+ jobs lost from GM chapter 11 = PRICED IN unemployment @ 9% = BETTER THAN EXPECTED unemployment @ 10% = DOW SOARS unemployment @ 11% = GREEN SHOOT RALLY...
  8. WaySolid

    Day Trading - The reality :)

    You never know where you might end up trading the markets ;D TradeSolid