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  1. Smack

    Real Time Intraday Trading Provider - ASX Equities

    Hi all. I want to know the current Real Time Intraday Trading Providers for ASX Equities. I already have an online broker (CMC) that i cannot change because it is linked to my SMSF. But, CMC platform can only open one chart at a time and is not suited for intraday trading for us. i...
  2. P

    Tradelink - real time trading systems

    Hi All, After many years of trading and 'adjusting' my entry & exit signals when in trades (guilty I know!), I have started to write software using Tradelink (see to force me to stay with my trading system when in trades. I'm an engineer and have many years programming...
  3. S

    Best ASX real time data system?

    Hello, I am a trader from Vancouver Canada and am interested in trading the ASX mkt. Of course I will need real time ASX mkt data with level 2, mkt screener / most actives. I did a search online and found a few companies.... NetQuote, Paritech - PULSE and Iress Australia (Iress Australia...
  4. F

    Free real time charting for day trading

    :)Where could I find FREE real time charting for day trading ? Not 20 mns delay one such as what Etrade offers.