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  1. J

    Aussie brokers who provide real-time stock data feeds?

    Besides Interactive Brokers are there any other brokers for Aussies that can provide real-time ASX data feeds and have APIs available for your custom systems or software packages like Amibroker or Tradestation? While on the subject are there any brokers you would recommend who have low...
  2. EVarakova

    AmiBroker and Real time data

    Hi Guys My apologies as I'm sure this must have been posted before but I have trawled through a few threads now and can't seem to find an answer to my questions I am looking for a ASX real time data feed provider for AmiBroker. Are there any and if so any recommendations? At this stage I'm not...
  3. B

    Anyone having reliability problems with Amibroker and IB real time ASX data?

    I've been using Amibroker 6.1 with Interactive Brokers TWS to provide real time ASX data for about 3 months. But I just can't get Amibroker to reliably store the data in the database. Even a backfill doesn't store properly unless I display each symbol in a chart immediately after the backfill...
  4. B

    Connecting Amibroker to Interactive Brokers for ASX real time data

    Recently purchased Amibroker and looking for an economical, but reliable real time data source for the ASX. Have read lots of snippets here about people using Interactive Brokers (IB), but can't find much explanation of exactly how it all works. Haven't been able to find the word...
  5. J

    WebIRESS real time intraday into Amibroker?

    Has anyone got a real time webiress intraday feed (Conmsec, Bell etc) working in Amibroker? I could do it via SOAP but am thinking there is probably an easier way.
  6. S

    IG and CMC Markets real time data down

    Anyone else notice both CMC and IG markets real time data feeds are down? Solar
  7. bullet21

    Good intra-day real time data

    Ive started sim trading and on recommendation from a member got a trial of Zen Fire through Mirus Futures. Its great but the only problem is there's no access to Asian or Australian futures markets. After looking through the site is saw Norgate was recommended but from what i can see its only...
  8. Beneteau

    Can IB real time data be used as EOD data with Metastock?

    Hi Steve, i have been trying to get some answers from Metastock about this one but am not having much luck getting a straight answer. Basically what i am trying to do is run IB TWS alongside Metastock (EOD version, not real time). What id like to know is if the real time data supplied form you...
  9. R

    Real time data sent to mobile phone?

    was wondering if anyone could help in in finding a way of having real time data sent to you while you are out? Like the pagers that I have seen some people carry but maybe on a mobile phone? :confused: