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  1. S

    IG CFD Order

    Hi everyone, I'm a new IG client and decided to have a crack trading the RBA with them on their CFD platform today. I placed a stop order to sell AUD/USD at 0.6988 with a stop-loss at 0.6994 at around 14:29:40. At 14:30:04, the market was rallying following the decision to keep rates on...
  2. H

    Why don't RBA raise rates if RBA is concerned about high housing prices?

    I can understand RBA cannot cut rates out of concern for fuelling the high house prices in Sydney. In that case, why don't RBA simply hike rates? What is RBA worried about hiking rates...
  3. H

    Why did AUD strengthen after RBA rate cut?

    This is weird. I am dumb-founded. Why did AUD strengthen after RBA(Reserve Bank of Australia) cut benchmark interest rate to an ALL-TIME LOW on 2Aug16? Economics 101 says that a currency should weaken after a rate cut. When RBA cut rate in Apr 2016, AUD tumbled. Why did it strengthen this time...
  4. H

    Why did the stock market perform badly today after RBA rate cut?

    When central bank cuts interest rate, shouldn't this be bullish for stock market? This is usually the case for U.S markets when the Fed cuts interest rate. Why did the stock market here perform badly after RBA cut rate today? Why do we interpret this market action?
  5. Timmy

    Aust. low inflation & RBA meeting 01 May 2012

    Source: Much more detail on the release here: With such a low measure of inflation, what's to stop an RBA rate cut? I asked the same question before...
  6. Timmy

    Aust. low inflation & RBA meeting 03 April 2012 With such a low measure of inflation, what's to stop an RBA rate cut? That's not the expectation (no change is the consensus) ... any thoughts?
  7. M

    The Economy And Government Finances

    Having followed ever increasing debt being issued by the Government, it is probably fair to say that the Government finances appear to be improving. As previously noted, the RBA released Federal taxation figures on the 31st October 2011. Individual, company, and superannuation tax collection is...
  8. M

    No Surplus Anytime Soon

    Wayne Swan may be committed to a budget surplus, but he should keep softening his rhetoric since the weekly Government Debt report shows the annual deficit being maintained at about $47 Billion for the past 3 months. The short term trend in debt issuance is similarly grim. Over the past 3 weeks...
  9. M

    We Are Turning Japanese

    The US Federal Reserve did what it had to do. Low interest rate for the foreseeable future and it also stated the obvious, that inflation is low and that there are downside risks to the economy. The RBA and the Australian Government should take note. The RBA is applying a high interest policy...
  10. M

    Banks Narrow Their Lending

    I read with interest the RBA's Assistant Governor (Financial Markets), Guy Debelle's speech on the 28th June 2011 to the Conference on Systematic Risk. Debelle makes the point that the assessment of risk by Standard and Poor's rating methodology for the global banking system has moved markedly...
  11. grandia3

    RBA cash rate

    G'day people :) with RBA meeting due next Tuesday, any takers on what their cash rate decision will be? IMO, taking into account the recent flood, increase in cash rate is unlikely but, economists sometimes surprise us :D
  12. Largesse

    Interest Rates

    A number of scenarios: Hold-Lower-Lower Hold-Hold-Lower Hold-Hold-Hold Lower-Lower-Lower If the guvna holds this month and strongly indicates that he will lower in coming months where should i move my cash immediatly? financials?
  13. pepperoni

    RBA interest rate decision irrelevant?

    As banks are increasing independently Im guessing banks would hold rates and possibly keep increasing even if the rba dropped rates. Even the RBA and other central banks pumping cheap money by the billions into the markets hasnt stopped banks from having to increase above RBA setting 2 or 3...
  14. B

    RBA and interest rate announcements

    Anyone know where I can find historical info on interest rate rises/cuts? Doesn't appear to be anything on the RBA's site. Thanks PS - Now found something which may be useful -