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    Investing ratios make no sense?

    Hey guys so investing has really gotten under my nerve when it comes to ratios, they give a retarded outcome. For example here we have Rea group, I am trying to get the EPS the formula which is net income / total shares outstanding. Now in this case for Rea Group it is 253,000 / 131 000 000 =...
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    Learning ratios

    Hi all, I downloaded this spreadsheet with ratios on it which I paid £15.99gbp from I understand all of the ratios on there and have started to use it to record the numbers for every company I look at now. It seems to be a good way to stay organized, learn about ratio...
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    Ratios help

    Hi all, I'm trying to learn how to calculate ratios on my quest to become a decent investor. So far I've made a list of ratios which I've got from reading tons of material on the internet. I understand what I am about to ask will take about 10 - 15 minutes of your time and for you to open...