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rare earth

  1. Dona Ferentes

    VIA - ViaGold Rare Earth Resources Holdings

    I am not sure I'm doing a service bringing this to the forum's attention (and a hat tip to @barney and his daily Possibles Probables and Fakers thread ) :xyxthumbs ViaGold Rare Earth Resources Holdings Limited (VIA, formerly Viagold Capital Limited) act as an Investment holding company. The...
  2. R

    Rare earth dispute

    If China owns the resources shouldn't it have the right to sell them to whoever it wants to ? Or did China sign supply contracts and then renege ?
  3. bowman

    Rare Earths

    It seems to be all go in the rare earths space since the recent publicity of China's global near-monopoly of these minerals. I can't say I've given this area much focus in the past apart from LYC and ARU. A quick internet search uncovered this site for anyone interested...