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range trading

  1. G

    Short term share trading, ranging markets

    does anyone trade shares (short term, end of day) in horizontal (ranging) markets successfully? bedford (author) reckons one could opt to not trade them when the market is going sideways while Hull suggests his 'breakout' method. I'm guessing it's harder to make profits during these times, or...
  2. M

    What is good for range trading during the Asian session?

    I'm seeking something to range trade during Asian session . I already trade eur/usd. Does anyone trade the French CAC or something low-volatility in europe? Commodities?
  3. L

    Low volume breaks and high range days

    This comment got me thinking, actually pretty much anything gets me thinking, but i want to have a look at what this actually means to everyone. If we have a low volume high range day, is this an indication of a complete absence of strong handed sellers (institutions, major players,) and...
  4. Investor123

    EUR/GBP range trading maintains

    EURGBP has been trading in a range for 4 months. Resistance level is at 0.8105 and support is at 0.7796. Fundamentally both Europe and UK economies are weak, and both economies are likely to cut interest rate over the next few months. I believe this range trading will maintain. Currently...