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    Cancelled trades to spark rallies

    Cancelled trades to spark rallies is this possible? something strange occurred today in the ASX. At 12.40pm there were large volumes for the major companies. Shortly after the prices surged, then after a pause it rallied with actual volume. But later when looking at the charts the volumes were...
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    Oil Stocks ready to Rally?

    Even though I’m bearish on the ASX at these highs, I’m getting bullish on OIL in the 4th Quarter, based on this 3rd quarter consolidating pattern, with a potential move towards $100 I would like to begin with Santos, but I would also like others to chip in and begin to have a look at...
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    Current rally on Wall Street

    Heard from a US friend that Goldman Sachs has engineered the current rally on Wall Street. They are the biggest buyer of shares (over 1 billion per week recently) Their own share price has jumped from $75 to $125 which allowed them to raise $5 billion at a price 65% higher than earlier in the...