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    QuoteTracker and Macquarie Bank RT

    Hi everyone. Does anyone here use macquarie with QT? I'm having problems setting it up after QT dumped westpac and I've had to change to macq. I enter in my login and password details but get no quotes. I'm using a Macq. Prime account. Can anyone please help? Cheers.
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    QuoteTracker not working with eTrade

    i cant get quotetracker to work with etrade when i make it do a web login it goes to but my etrade login doesnt work there it only works if i login at according to etrade homepage this is the new website so...
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    Hi Ive been reading about "Quotetracker" . Im concerned about the need to enter a user and password into it for my broker. Has anyone had any issues with this program. Are there any free "live data" sources that could be used instead of using my broker?