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  1. T

    Basic Mining Sector Questions

    Hi all...;) I'm a new bloke in this forum, 28yrs old and I came from overseas but now I live and work in Sydney. I have been in the stock market for almost a year now. I have failed many times previously. However since I found this great forum, now I'm really willing to learn many things...
  2. T

    Short selling questions

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what happens if you short sell a stock and it goes all the way down to zero and goes bust ? cheers
  3. borat

    AmiBroker Questions

    Hey All, Just got a few AmiBroker questions that I'd like to ask... 1. How do add securities to my database? I'm trying to find EVE but it's not there. I am using EOD data from Yahoo if that means anything. 2. How do I set AmiBroker up to run a scan across the entire database for stock...
  4. TjamesX

    Tech/a Techtrader - my questions

    I have some questions I would like to ask Tech/A regarding the Techtrader system, and rather than just PM'ing him I thought it may be worthwhile (if he is kind enough) to provide some answers for all to see. I have read numerous threads about the techtrader system and no doubt there has been...