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  1. S

    Beginner Investor Questions

    Hi All, I want to create some content of 101 videos for beginner investors on a YouTube channel. Please comment below any video suggestions or questions you would like answered about investing. Thanks!
  2. X

    CommSec questions

    In the CommSec app when you click into a share it says at the top corner “volume” does that mean how many shares there are available at the moment or the total shares they sold?
  3. P

    Option questions

    Please help with 2 questions. 1) If I’m long a call and it expires in the money am I automatically excercised and have to purchase the stock? If so what happens if I don’t have the money in the account. 2)This from an option quiz. which of the following require margin to be lodged. A)bull put...
  4. jono543

    Questions about choosing a broker

    Hi I’m new to investing and looking for some advice on where I should open an account. My history I’ve been in passively managed funds for long time. I’ve sold my house and come into some money that I want to trade using ETF's, I’ll be semi actively trading ETF’s with account balance in...
  5. mcgrath111

    Questions & Analysis - Mcgraths learning thread

    Hi All, I'm starting a thread to keep my learnings on track, which have largely stagnated the last few months. My aim for this thread is to gain feedback from the greater ASF members around some analysis of stocks I'm going to compile. The analysis will be on a variety of stocks that...
  6. X

    Amibroker coding questions

    Hello, I would like to code that if I got profit the month before I would like to invest 2 % of it in the next month. Does anybody knows how I could programm this? Thanks in advance.
  7. J

    Just a couple of practical questions

    Hi Guys, I'm Robert from Sydney. Firstly, it's great to read so many opinions on investing, I really appreciate what you guys have to offer. So I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. Sorry if they're strange, lol, but in the reading I've done I can't remember finding an answer to them...
  8. B

    Young, Naive with Questions

    blaz3dafunk1 posts. 01/08/1619:04:15Post #: 18419620 Evening Lads Straight out I'm a complete newbie. (YES ONE OF THOSE POSTS AGAIN) I'm Not a rookie in terms of not knowing what a GLSO is or a CFD or MACD or anything in that light. I've been very thorough with my research these past months...
  9. S

    A few questions from a first time investor (Any advice is appreciated)

    So i'll be investing for the first time in august with a small amount money (around 5 thousand at most) and iv spent some time getting to know some of the market on ASX and the terms associated with investing however being self taught i'm still not completely sure of how sound some investment...
  10. J

    Commsec and ASX EOD trading questions

    Hi All, about to make the jump to real trading :) I have a couple of newbie questions first... I was planning on doing my research and placing my orders and stop losses nightly. I was poking around on the commsec platform and noticed a few things I am not sure how to deal with: 1. If I...
  11. B

    First post intro/questions/opinions

    Hi all, New to the forum and was looking for some info / opinions on investment options. Recently just sold off some investment properties and have some capital laying around collecting a measly 3% return in the bank. i want to look at investing outside of the property market but I'm not...
  12. J

    Some questions from a newbie taking his first steps

    Hi All, Been trawling through the forum for the last few weeks. My head is spinning. There a lot to take on, this forum is such a huge resource of information. Anyway, I am a 45 y/old who's been mainly investing in Real Estate and I am looking taking a more active roll in my...
  13. W

    I don't understand company announcements

    Sorry, I'm new to this whole thing but I'm just wondering what Change in substantial holding means. I saw it in one of the announcement from Qantas Airways. I'm also not understanding why Preliminary Traffiic and Capacity Statistics are announced too and is it important? Is it going to affect...
  14. darkhorse70

    Emini questions

    Currently I've been spending 3-4 hours a day trading the emini sim on NT. I do relatively well on momentum break outs at the open but im getting KO'd after the markets start to get range bound. So much so that im setting profit goals so when I hit it, I can just walk away and clear my mind. I...
  15. TPI

    Fundamental ratio questions

    Hi, I'm using Morningstar research through a Westpac brokerage account to look at company financials/ratios. With net interest coverage, why would it be negative if earnings are positive and debt/equity is low or even zero? Also for banks there is no net interest coverage ratio and also...
  16. F

    Questions regarding Vanguard Index Fund

    I want to invest in Vanguard index fund 300, however I would like to know a few detail's regarding it first. Is there a way to find out how many people have invested in vanguard? I am also confused regarding how index fund's work, you see, with normal shares you can tell when the share...
  17. Joe Blow

    Questions from a stock market beginner

    There is a thread here in the Beginners Lounge forum in which those new to the site can introduce themselves to the ASF community. It has become apparent that many beginners often have a question or two that they would like to ask. Most often it is along the lines of "Where do I begin?" but it...
  18. I

    Science questions answered for laymen

    This thread can be for science questions we laymen might have regarding science. First question: In the vacuum of space that would be encountered in an Earth orbit would: a. a water bubble or oxygen bubble (gas bubble) move in an undirected way without evident force? b. a water bubble...
  19. Sugar Dunkaton

    Metastock & Tradesim Questions

    Good Afternoon. I have recently puchased the Metastock & Tradesim combination to start testing a few systems. However after reading through a lot of code, and the metastock manual - i am still waiting on the tradesim manual -still at the printers, i have a few questions that may be able to be...
  20. S

    Newbie Lessons - All your questions answered

    Hi All, I mentioned that I was thinking of doing this in a blog to help out all the newbies who seem to have lots of questions that are constantly repeated. I'll slowly work on this when I have time - At the moment I think I have about ten chapters planned - but I'd appreciate anyone else's...