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    Limit order or stop limit order question

    I have a question and hopefully someone can answer. Say today Tesla closed at 1030. I want to buy tesla stock if it goes above 1050 but not if gap up and opens at 1100. I am willing to pay any price between 1050 and 1060. Is it possible to submit such order in IBKR portal?
  2. S

    Dividend question

    Hi all, newcomer here I see Adair's are set to pay out a dividend tomorrow. If I theoretically bought today, am I then entitled to the full dividend next day? Also, what does it mean by "fully franked" Thanks guys
  3. S

    CMC Markets Question

    Hi all, just wondering if there's a brokerage charge to amend stock orders before they settle? I've placed an order but price has jumped since and wanting to offer more. Thanks
  4. G

    CommSec Profit question

    Hi, Im wondering if anyone can explain this issue with CommSec. I've been a shareholder in a company for a week. Yesterday their share value started at 0.160 and finished the same at 0.160. I'm even there. I purchased shares in another company around 30mins after trading started and the...
  5. N

    Question about oil companies

    i see a lot of their shares dropping a lot, but this should only apply to oil producers not "middleman", in fact for middleman their price should increase because they obviously won't pass all their savings to the consumer, they'll have even greater margins. why is there an industry spread drop...
  6. A

    DCA Strategy Question

    Hi All, Brand new to the forum and relatively new to trading. Loving the info I'm reading and learning. I have a question regarding dollar cost averaging without a lump sum, that I hope I can get advice on. I have around $1000 a month to invest. I realise if I had a lump sum, it is better...
  7. N

    Question about buying foreign stocks

    how do i buy stock in other countries? can i borrow money from broker to buy then pay them back? because of currency movement, the money i make might be neutralized by rising AUD.
  8. P

    Question regarding dividends

    Hi Guys/Girls I am still pretty new to the share market and i have a question on dividends. So i brought 40 shares in NAB last year but being very raw i didn't understand what a dividend reinvestment plan was until after the ex dividend date so i ended up with the 40$ (which i will...
  9. Lantern

    General loan question

    This is the scenario. Lets say a friend wants to borrow 20K. He is already paying 10.3% on a car loan, he says he is prepared to pay the same % Now if I wanted to structure the loan so that he pays some $$ at the end of every month and I then add interest on the balance. Same next month, he pays...
  10. B

    Yield curve question

    Hi Everyone, Of late, if it is not trade wars filling up the pages of the world media then they turn to yield curves. Everyone seems to focus on the 10 year yield versus the 2 year. The thought pattern I believe (and please correct me if I am wrong with any of this) is if banks borrow short and...
  11. Init

    Capital gains tax question

    I have recently come to the point with one of my investments where it is an ideal time to sell due to a likely transition towards a bearish trend, however I have held onto this stock for a few months short of a year. My understanding of capital gains tax is that if you have held onto the share...
  12. R

    Question on book value per share

    I am reading this book called "the little book of value investing" and it talks about Graham how he made the BVPS formula. And can tell you whether or not a company is undervalued, but I can't see how this makes sense? Bvps is simply total equity divided by shares outstanding what does this have...
  13. R

    Question on Enterprise Value

    Hey so I reading something and I always see the word "value" get used. Value in the context of a business means what its worth. But one thing confuses me, when I go on enterprise value look at the definition it says "Enterprise Value, or EV for short, is a measure of a company's total value". So...
  14. R

    A question on making income and question on annual reports

    Hey guys so quickly I wanted to ask everytime you have ideas on making money you just shoot ideas, why do SO MANY people just assume you are trying to get quick rich? It seems like to me jealously or an excuse is "it's not easy" so what! Are you supposed to not do something because its hard...
  15. R

    Question: Large Volume Orders & SP Movement

    Hi, I came across a scenario whilst watching the market where a company released some positive news after the market closed about their organization, news that typically would make the SP rise. The market opened the next day and the SP didn't move at all, with no volume traded. After...
  16. R

    Limit Order Question

    Hi, Here's the hypothetical: Say I buy Stock x for $1.00. I place two sell limit orders for $1.20 and $1.50, at some point in the future the company releases very positive news, news that makes the stock open the next trading day at $2.00. Now, do my sell limit orders get executed at...
  17. J

    Amibroker Monte Carlo Question

    Hi All, I am a newbie playing around with Amibroker and running some Monte Carlo Tests, but but my results look nothing like what I have seen other people post. I am using the latest 64bit version 6.10 . I am not sure if its me doing something wrong or simply a terrible AFL. For example, if...
  18. J

    Amibroker, Norgate Premium Data Backtesting Question

    Finally took the plunge and invested in a copy of Amibroker and a subscription to Norgates Premium Data :) I Apologise in advance if my terminology is incorrect. When BackTesting the default is "Apply to *All symbols" I have noticed that indexs like the ASX100, ASX200 etc all appear as...
  19. N

    Volume Question

    Would it be wise to say that a large move down on the hourly, with moderate, slightly above average volume indicates a lack of demand in the stock? Visa Versa, would it be wise to assume an up move on lower than average volume would indicate a lack of supply? Pretty broad questions. I am...
  20. Synergy

    Commsec IRESS question

    Hi, I understand IRESS is able to send live data to excel. Is IRESS able to receive buy/sell signals back from Excel, or even another program? If I was looking to set up a live automated system would it be possible through IRESS and Excel? Cheers