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  1. Garpal Gumnut

    Ban Byron Bay Rich and Crusty at Queensland Border

    I am of the mind that the people of Byron Bay cannot be trusted with their own health, no more than they can with those of Queenslanders who they may infect. This town small in IQ, area and population is home to bludgers at both ends of the economic spectrum who spread their sesquipedalian...
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Queensland Border needs to remain closed to NSW

    It is understandable that Mrs Berejiklian the Premier of NSW wishes to loosen the hordes of grey nomads, bogans and the rich of NSW on Queensland. It is equally understandable that Ms. Palaszczuk the Premier of Queensland should wish to repel them. Queensland needs NSW less than the reverse...
  3. SirRumpole

    QLD election 2017

    Any early money ?
  4. B

    Massive environmental disaster in QLD

    Thank god Queensland is pro-development and pro-business unlike those pansy ass southern states: Hundreds of square kilometres of prime agricultural land in southeast Queensland are at risk from a cocktail of toxic chemicals and explosive gases, according to a secret State Government report...
  5. I

    Queensland financial adviser banned for recommending options trading to 152 clients

    Hi All, Hot off the press today (ASIC media release): ASIC has banned Mr David Neil Wilkins, of Springwood, Queensland from providing financial services for five years. Mr Wilkins was banned after ASIC found he had engaged in misleading conduct and provided inappropriate advice. At...
  6. SirRumpole

    Qld cyclone

    I'm sure we are all keeping our fingers crossed for our members in the path of this cyclone. Julia, noco, Joe, Garpal and others, I hope you are battened down and lying low and good luck.
  7. drsmith

    Queensland election Jan 31 2015

    Has Campbell Newman trumped Clive Palmer's senate inquiry into his government with a Jan 31 election date, almost two months early ?
  8. DocSniper

    Corruption still in Queensland

    Remember this , its the Fitzgerald Inquiry. Of all the Departments that were found to be Corrupted, The police department were made the Fall Guys and thus placed Queensland as the most Corrupted state. It is the one's the CMC...
  9. Julia

    Queensland Floods

    I'm sure everyone is aware of the disaster that is affecting much of Queensland at present. Much inconvenience for most of us, but huge loss for many whose homes and businesses have been inundated. Reason for the thread is my utter disgust that Premier Anna Bligh, as a result of huge public...
  10. T

    Queensland Government Daylight Savings E-Petition

    Hi All If you in queensland and think we should get with the times (or repeat history as most would remember) please take the time to sign this petition. it takes about 30 secs. Name and address pretty much.