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    Algorithimic/quantative trading?

    People on Aussie Stock Forums, does anyone have much experience in Algo/quant trading? I'm looking to get better in the area. I'm 2 years off finishing my university degree (I do computer science and economics) and enjoy the computer science side a lot more than economics. I'd think about doing...
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    Analyst/quant experience as a second job

    For a while now I've considered making the move from engineering into finance, in particular a maths/problem solving type role. I understand it would be near impossible to land a job like this with no financial industry experience so i'm searching for ways to gain some experience out of normal...
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    XJO quant ORB strategy

    Hi guys, I found this interesting blog which I didn't know existed until today. They share backtest results and ideas for a lot of strategies on the XJO. One I found particularly interesting (since we have discussed it here previously) was a page on an Open Range Breakout strategy. The twist...