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  1. W

    I don't understand company announcements

    Sorry, I'm new to this whole thing but I'm just wondering what Change in substantial holding means. I saw it in one of the announcement from Qantas Airways. I'm also not understanding why Preliminary Traffiic and Capacity Statistics are announced too and is it important? Is it going to affect...
  2. Calliope

    QANTAS Grounds all Flights

    QANTAS has locked out international pilots, baggage handlers and engineers, essentially bringing its operations to a halt. The unions destroyed Ansett. They are on track to...
  3. GreatPig

    QAN - Qantas Airways

    Darn.... Qantas is not playing the game ;D. I was hoping for it to go back to the top of the channel, but instead it's decided to drop out and is currently sitting at $3.18. Okay, so there's a head and shoulders there - perhaps I should take more notice of what I'm reading ::). Cheers, GP