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  1. tech/a

    How to Trade or Invest Profitably - "Without The Bullsh*t" - Technical Analysis Step by Step Tutorial Plus Q&A Thread

    Can I ask that you please keep this sort of discussion separate to the Original thread The initial thread requires some for some a degree of learning and understanding To that end over time I will present and discuss with those interested the Basic and more advanced T/A required to trade this...
  2. cutz

    Iress Viewpoint Q and A

    Anyone here using Viewpoint ? Had an option buy order sitting in the book, got hit after a while with the the note "ASK" in the course of sales "Reason" column, does this mean the ASK side met my price and who even cares ? what exactly does this mean ? The reason column in Courses of Sales can...
  3. tech/a

    Learning Technical Analysis Q&A

    I recieve a number of emails from people who are looking for guidence and specific information with regard to T/A. Most are at entry level. Many seem to want to be able to use T/A but have no idea how to apply it. The subject is infinately variable and not something I want to try and...
  4. V

    Commsec Q&A

    Hi folks Another Commsec querie. If I buy 100 shares, get charged brokerage. then buy another 100 in the same company, get charged brokerage again. Are these 200 listed together in the same line in my Holdings page? Or are they considered two seperate trades? Can I then sell all...
  5. N

    Does Gillard inspire confidence?

    Following the political assination of Kevin Rudd I thought would be appropriate to replace the Rudd thread. How can anyone be inspired by comrade Gillard when she flys to Brisbane in the Government jet to fund raise for the Labor Party. She was to have flown back to Brisbane today but thought...
  6. A

    ABC Q&A

    Well, the new series of Auntie's Q & A has started with a bang. Last night's opening gambit might well have been sub-titled "Bionic Bulldog Savages Swan". :D The two protagonists pretty well hogged the entire proceedings - not unsurprisingly - and I thought the Bulldog actually did a good...
  7. tech/a

    Howard Bandy "Quantitative Trading Systems" & systems design Q&A

    Howard. Just recieved your book a couple of days ago. Firstly send my Thanks to your packaging staff. Tremendous job. From a brief look at your book, there is a great deal of effort in it. I lookforward to having a read. With the influence of amibroker I can see I'll have to yet again...