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  1. Huntsman

    Need to find new broker to buy US put options - Commsec has discontinued this

    I have been buying cheap puts on a US public company that is sure to crash next week/month/year/sometime. All of a sudden CommSec says it will no longer allow trade in these options. Anybody point me towards a broker that can help me??
  2. J

    Brokerage options for selling naked puts?

    Hi All, I am new to the scene and looking to sell naked puts. Can anyone recommend a good broker with a good platform that will allow me to sell puts on US stocks even tho I am an Aussie? I know Interactive is one but I am curious to find out if there are any options? Thanks for your time guys!
  3. F

    Buy back or roll covered calls and sold put options close to being exercised?

    Now we have low volatility and thus lower premiums rather roll out and up for a small credit on the same day why not buy back and then sell another option on a day when the premium may be higher?
  4. T

    Put Options as a Hedging Strategy

    I was debating whether to post this in the Derivatives section or here but in the end felt that my level was very basic. I recently went through the ASX's online modules on options after some inspiration from Sir O's beginner's thread. I would like to use put option's as a hedging strategy...
  5. L

    Gamble - Am I nuts?

    Buying Sept expiry SPY (S&P500 ETF) Put strike @ 163. If Syria lights up AND Bernake pulls the pin watch that US equity market go into a tail spin, could make some nice cash out of a few hundred dollar gamble! The EBIT's on the US market have to come back to fundamental levels, back to...
  6. J

    Selling Put Options

    Does anyone know about selling put option using John Thompson's method. Is it worth the cost of the course to learn his "tweaked" strategy and money management method. Thanks :)
  7. Tysonboss1

    What is the economic purpose of put and call options?

    Does the options market have a real economic purpose, Is their a genuine need to have an options market attached to a sharemarket, does it create move stability or does it exist solely to act as a conduit for people to leverage up their speculative positions. Don't get me wrong, I sell both...
  8. S

    Help with ANZ put - what do I do??!!

    hi WayneL ,richkid ,DTM.pcf..please can you suggest what should be done with my latest disaster or is all over...I bought puts ..yeah and it going against me ..ANZ 2206 julyo5.premium 66! obviously i have much to learn .. could someone give opinion as to likely out come ..? and could i buy more...