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  1. D

    What is true in investing over the long term?

    Source: Jeff Bezos, the founder & CEO of, Inc once explained’s philosophy: “I frequently get the question “What’s going to change in the next 10 years?” I almost never get the question “What’s not going...
  2. T

    Psychological aspects of becoming a full-time investor

    I believed quitting one's job and becoming a full-time investor has been discussed a number of times on this forum. It is a dream for many. I do not want to talk about the financial aspects as it is easy to determine whether a person can pass the financial test of becoming a full-time investor...
  3. S

    The psychology of technical analysis

    What causes support and resistance levels to be respected by the market? How does human psychology influence technical indicators? Why do chart patters occur time and time again with the same or similar result? Is technical analysis simply a way of analyzing human behavior in the financial...
  4. pavilion103

    Psychology - Personal Development

    I am curious to see how many traders in here read a lot of personal development books/attend seminars. I am new to trading and have probably read about 10 or so trading books. I do feel that I know myself fairly well and have read around 30-40 personal development books. Do people think this...
  5. 2020hindsight

    The psychology of climate change

    Some interesting articles ... Is this a problem with the human psyche - i.e. that climate change is (arguably) slipping down our 'To Do' list? Or our leaders perhaps - how they describe the problem to an...
  6. F

    Trading psychology

    Ok I have had a few losses lately.. That's fine haven't put a great dint in my capital yet.... but! I have been paper trading for a little while to get my confidence back and yes I would have been doing quite well if I had executed those trades .... but now when I go to place trades i find I...