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psychology of trading

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    Trading guilt

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this post so I apologise if it should be elsewhere. I've been learning to trade Forex since September 2012 (I started live trading in October 2014). Ever since I have been trading live I have been overwhelmed by intense feelings of guilt...
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    Principals and Psychology of Day Trading by George Slezak I found this good read today by George Slezak its called PRINCIPALS AND PSYCHOLOGY OF DAYTRADING. George Slezak was a pit local for 30 years. So he must know a thing or two about daytrading.
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    The Psychology of Trading - Brett Steenbarger

    Hi Guys, I was hoping to get some opinions on Brett Steenbarger's book 'The Psychology of Trading'. I've heard some good things about it, however would value the opinions of any members here that may have read it. I've read 'Trading in the Zone' by Mark Douglas which I found to be a great...