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  1. Thais

    ProRealTime vs MT4

    Hi guys. Who has used the ProRealTime and MT4 platforms, which is the best? Let me know if you have a better platform
  2. S

    ProRealTime - ProScreener Problem

    I can't get the ProSceener to work. I have re-installed the program twice and spent a few hours trying out the inbuilt scanners and wrote a few examples out of the Programming Guide. They all work fine but all returns are for the previous bar and not the current bar, which is of not much use...
  3. B

    ProRealTime (via IG Markets) - Order Book problems

    Hi. I just started using ProRealTime through IG. Everything's OK except the Order Book, which is supposed to display quantities (of bids and asks) - but it doesn't. I phoned the help desk and we spent about an hour going through every possibility, but found nothing. They said they'd...
  4. Smack

    'ProRealTime' Trading Software Anyone use this sw for intraday and/or EOD for Australian Equities? I am keen on using it for both, but it seems they do not offer the real time feed. THoughts? Smack
  5. R

    Ratchet Chandelier Stop Loss - ProRealTime

    I have developed a ratchet chandelier stop loss for ProRealTime. It is developed as an indicator that "hangs" a set multiply of ATR below the recent highest HIGH. It includes a Rachet - it adds a small multiple of ATR each day after the Rachet was last reset by the indicator last falling...
  6. R

    Anyone use ProRealTime?

    Does anyone use ProRealtime ?? What do you think of it?? Problems?? Issues?? Thanks,