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  1. againsthegrain

    Selling a property in Europe and tax implications in Australia

    As the title says, I am thinking about selling a property that is in my name in Europe, sometime in the next year or 2. At the moment obviously covid has put a freeze on things so I am just doing alot of thinking and planning. This property has been in my family since the 70s. It was...
  2. tech/a

    Opportunity -- Property -- After 20 yrs its here again

    I never thought Id see it again in my life time on the domestic front. 20 years ago You could buy property --rent it--and have surplus. In Adelaide you can do it again very easily. Lowest rates ever---Distressed sales---if your in the position to take advantage. Very well priced 2-3rd home...
  3. Zaxon

    Borrowing against a property for investment

    If you take a loan out against a property separate from you mortgage, you can use the interest charges as a deduction against the profits made from investing that money. For the interest to be tax deductible, does that money have to be invested in a brokerage account under your own name? Or...
  4. H

    Property investing: how do you handle "haunted" houses?

    Haunted houses sound like a troll or spam topic. I assure you I'm serious. Recently, my family stayed in a hotel which gave us the creeps. My wife couldn't sleep well and was very tired the next day. It almost spoil the vacation until we changed room. I will leave out the details. When buying...
  5. greggles

    Financial bubble prediction and discussion

    All the discussion and debate recently about the Bitcoin and associated cryptocurrency bubble has got me thinking about financial bubbles generally. Here is a list of the ones I can think of over the last 20 years. Dot-com bubble 2000s commodities bubble United States housing bubble China stock...
  6. System

    FPP - Fat Prophets Global Property Fund

    The Fat Prophets Global Property Fund will invest in a diversified but high conviction portfolio of global real estate exposures managed by Fat Prophets Funds Management Pty Ltd. While the Fund will be measured against a bespoke benchmark, the Fund investment positions will only number 70-90 of...
  7. I

    Purchasing a Commercial Property (We Currently Own) With Our SMSF

    Hello All, Hoping someone can answer my query or point me in the right direction - still a bit unclear around the legality and process I need to follow. My wife and I have a SMSF (we are both between 50 and 55 years old). We also jointly own an income-deriving commercial property. We would...
  8. So_Cynical

    BrickX - Buying property by the brick

    BrickX buys properties and turns properties into 10,000 'Bricks' (units) - via a trust, operates a bricks/units exchange with live pricing, takes a 2% commission and charges a fee for property management. pays monthly distributions. Pretty smart, not the...
  9. System

    USR - US Residential Fund

    US Residential Fund (USR) through its US Entities and relationships with local operators in the US, will invest in the US residential property market, with the objective of providing Investors with regular half yearly Distributions and the potential for capital growth.
  10. galumay

    SMSF & Commercial Property Funds

    I am considering investing some of our SMSF funds into a commercial property fund, AMP Capital offer their Wholesale Australian Property Fund and companies like Charter Hall and Arena offer similar funds. The problem I am having is finding a good resource for researching and comparing...
  11. R

    The Storm of Properties is coming?
  12. S

    Shares or Property?

    Which do you think is a better investment, shares or property? My mum keeps telling me that property is the best and l keep saying shares. She sais the bank will always lend you more for property whereas for shares they won't. She has done very well out of property so l guess she just...
  13. K

    Property Question

    Sorry in advance as this is a stock market forum. If peter borrows 500k for a house and rents it out to paul for $10 per week. Paul does the same and rents it to Peter for $10 per week. Hence both making huge losses on their property, and lowering their taxable income significantly...
  14. M

    New to stocks and wanting to build up capital to invest in property

    Hi everyone i'm new here :) I'm a university student studying nursing and have a dream of one day being a property developer. As I don't have much cash I am looking at stocks to be my initial investment vehicle (my silver investment is more a long term thing). I want to educate myself about...
  15. M

    Buy a house outright or get a mortgage?

    I am 28 and my boyfriend is 26. We have both started working in a Fly-In Fly-Out job at a mining camp with a combined annual salary of $200,000. As we are on a 4week on, 1 week off roster, we have chosen not to rent or buy a home and simply use our week off to travel or visit family. Our main...
  16. R

    Properties valuation

    Say I like a property and want to get serious buying it... How would I get a valuation on it (I dont mind paying for it) can that person get a reasonable valuation of the property without bothering the vendor?
  17. jjbinks

    Does property offer better returns vs. risk for beginners?

    Hey asfers, This is something I've been thinking about for a while. Do stocks or property offer me who is a beginner better options. My situation I think would be similar to many others. I have 50,000 to invest. If I wait another year should have close to 100k. Options Shares -...
  18. F

    Increase in ads regarding investment property

    I don't know if it's just me but there seems to be an increase in ads about investment property on tv and elsewhere. Also the ads are from lenders (RAMS and CBA for example) and not property spruikers. Any one else notice this?
  19. V

    Property investment issues

    Hello everyone! I don't want to re-kindle the old property vs shares fire so please, no "you should have stayed away from property" posts. I'm actually just wanting to share an experience I am going through and if anyone has any ideas on avenu's I should explore then perhaps they could point...
  20. N

    Investing in Property with Family

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone has had any experience or has any tips on investing in property with family members? I'm 21 and my sister is 18, we're both currently at university studying so is going to materialise for a few years yet. At this stage i'm in the process of educating myself in my...