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property vs. shares

  1. G

    Beginner, shares or rental house?

    hi i'm a beginner and still learning about how things work. i know that shares are generally better in returns than real estate, but i'm unclear. generally speaking, if my sister and i purchase a unit and rent it out to help pay it off (250k purchase price, 130k deposit, 120k loan), won't i...
  2. S

    Shares or Property?

    Which do you think is a better investment, shares or property? My mum keeps telling me that property is the best and l keep saying shares. She sais the bank will always lend you more for property whereas for shares they won't. She has done very well out of property so l guess she just...
  3. jjbinks

    Does property offer better returns vs. risk for beginners?

    Hey asfers, This is something I've been thinking about for a while. Do stocks or property offer me who is a beginner better options. My situation I think would be similar to many others. I have 50,000 to invest. If I wait another year should have close to 100k. Options Shares -...