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  1. H

    Why don't RBA raise rates if RBA is concerned about high housing prices?

    I can understand RBA cannot cut rates out of concern for fuelling the high house prices in Sydney. In that case, why don't RBA simply hike rates? What is RBA worried about hiking rates...
  2. R

    Hedging interest rates and property prices with ASX 10 year government bond futures

    Good day, Have you ever tried hedging mortgage interest rate risks with ASX futures? Share your experience please! Best regards, Alex
  3. Joe Blow

    The future of Australian property prices

    This new property thread replaces the previous property threads which have now been closed. Hopefully this new thread will also signal a new beginning in the level of courtesy shown to others. Please feel free to post your research, analysis, relevant information or opinions on Australian...
  4. C

    SMSFs allowed to borrow? Impact on property prices?

    Wondering how many SMSF members (and property investors) have come across this article recently in the Bulletin, and what is your reaction? DIY funds await green light Up until now there has been limited opportunity for DIY Super funds to borrow. The $240 Billion of assets accumulated...