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property investment

  1. Zaxon

    Borrowing against a property for investment

    If you take a loan out against a property separate from you mortgage, you can use the interest charges as a deduction against the profits made from investing that money. For the interest to be tax deductible, does that money have to be invested in a brokerage account under your own name? Or...
  2. H

    Is property investment more passive than stock investment?

    I have done stocks but never property. However, it seems to me property investors don't seem to spend as much time on active investment compared to stock investors. Stock investors spend more time monitoring the market. So, is property investing more passive than stock investing? Passive means...
  3. M

    Investing in property in Australia - Advice please

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying my first investment property in South-East Queensland, which is where I live. I have some equity in my house that I can use as well as some savings. I am beginning to research this topic and am going to a "property investment evening" next week sponsored by a...
  4. V

    Property investment issues

    Hello everyone! I don't want to re-kindle the old property vs shares fire so please, no "you should have stayed away from property" posts. I'm actually just wanting to share an experience I am going through and if anyone has any ideas on avenu's I should explore then perhaps they could point...
  5. S

    Investment unit - Permanent vs. holiday letting

    Hi I guess this question is more pertinent to those that live in tourist areas eg Gold Coast. Aside from the direct rent issue what have people found to be the pros and cons of letting your unit to permanent tenants versus putting it in the buildings holiday pool to be let. Any pros, cons...