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    Property investing: how do you handle "haunted" houses?

    Haunted houses sound like a troll or spam topic. I assure you I'm serious. Recently, my family stayed in a hotel which gave us the creeps. My wife couldn't sleep well and was very tired the next day. It almost spoil the vacation until we changed room. I will leave out the details. When buying...
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    Property investment issues

    Hello everyone! I don't want to re-kindle the old property vs shares fire so please, no "you should have stayed away from property" posts. I'm actually just wanting to share an experience I am going through and if anyone has any ideas on avenu's I should explore then perhaps they could point...
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    Buying own home vs. investing

    For those of you who are in their earlier years or for the older people here who have already gone through this stage of their lives... How did you go about buying your first home? Did you buy it as soon as you could once you started working? Did you invest in shares or property first...