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  1. R

    Is "Genesis" prop trading firm bigger than "Phoenix" prop trading firm?

    Does anyone know how "Genesis" Prop Trading firm and "Phoenix" Prop Trading firm compare? Which is a larger firm by number of traders, or amount of firm capital? If you are an experienced trader with a solid 3 year track record trading futures, would Phoenix prop trading firm give you more...
  2. O

    Trainee prop trading options, prep, credibility in Australia - Outsider Research

    I am starting this thread to put my outsider research on the prop firms in Australia.My main focus is on trainee options and credibility. I found that when looking at this path that information is fragmented in all different places, there is different opinions, self interest and sometimes...
  3. M

    Preparation for Prop Interview

    Recently I applied for Genesis and Propex ( it seems there is Intake time!) Not sure If I will even get a call for interview (because I am not a young hot shot maths graduate with programming experience or a trader with proven track record/ Mine is Engineering background more of a Geometry...
  4. Y

    Prop trading graduate programs?

    Hello! Basically I'm a 19 year old who is majoring in Finance (graduating at end of 2017). I have been learning about trading since I was 16, and started swing trading with real money at age 18. I started Day trading 6 months ago and have stuck to that as it is more consistent and profitable...
  5. K

    I'm a (wannabe) Prop Trader

    Following on from post 179 in this thread I thought I'd start a thread about me being a 'prop trader' Firstly it still doesn't feel right typing that because as far as I'm concerned I'm still a novice and I could be out the door in 3 months time. THAT BEING SAID: History: I put myself...
  6. pavilion103

    Prop trading firms in Adelaide?

    Does anyone know if there are any? I know there are ones in Sydney and Melbourne (and probably the other states) but I've never heard anything about one in Adelaide? Thanks
  7. Largesse

    Prop Shops in Australia

    So far i have only been able to find two even though i know more exist Propex Tibra Capital Is there an exhaustive list anywhere?