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  1. CanOz

    CanOz's Capital - a virtual prop shop

    CanOz's Capital-a virtual prop shop Concept: recruit 3-5 keen, wanna be traders. Train them over a 3-6 month period. Give them access to my capital with tight risk controls, monitor progress, reward good performance and cull non-performers. Advantages: compared to a physical firm, no...
  2. CanOz

    TopStepTrader - An Online Prop Shop I came across this after watching a webinar by one of thier coaches. I've joined up and intend on trading CL in the evenings and see if i can qualify... I'm surprised no one else has seen this before. They check out ok, CME members. Boofis, this could be right up your...
  3. T

    Aliom Trainee Trader Interview

    Just wondering has anyone done the interview/aptitude test for Aliom in Sydney. If so, can you share what type of questions are involved in the test and what do they offer successful candidates. Cheers guys