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  1. Z

    Getting a job with a Prop firm with a criminal record?

    When applying for a prop trader job with an Aussie prop trading firm do they ask if the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime on some sort of a job application form, or in the job interview? i went to prison for nine months 21 years ago when i was very young, but i have not broken the...
  2. M

    Prop firm

    Hello Has anybody heard of this prop firm Turn trading, owner seems to be ex Propex Not much info on the web says based in Japan, charges for "training" any reviews? good bad ugly?
  3. M

    Small Prop Firm and ASIC/AFSL

    Now a days in Australia anything to do with Financial trading even education requires an AFSL/ ACL etc ( which as a consumer is good as perhaps it stops dodgy "snake oil salesperson" at bay.. but that is another subject) Does anybody know If a person/ group wishes to start a very very small...
  4. Y

    Prop trading graduate programs?

    Hello! Basically I'm a 19 year old who is majoring in Finance (graduating at end of 2017). I have been learning about trading since I was 16, and started swing trading with real money at age 18. I started Day trading 6 months ago and have stuck to that as it is more consistent and profitable...
  5. J

    Prop Firms: Getting into the Financial industry

    Hi Everyone :) long time viewer first time poster :) i have a question for some which i have tried hard to find on the internet to no avail. I'm currently studying my diploma in share trading and my ultimate forex starts next week which i'm thoroughly enjoying. I've always been...
  6. Largesse

    Prop Shops in Australia

    So far i have only been able to find two even though i know more exist Propex Tibra Capital Is there an exhaustive list anywhere?