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  1. darkhorse70

    The art of taking profits?

    Im sure this has been covered numerous times in different ways. But im just wonderng if there is one method of taking profits, mathematically or in terms of odds, which increases or gives the best outcome in the long run. For example i was looking at a stock and it hit the first significant...
  2. B

    Bringing profits from America to Australia

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but not new to trading. I have a quick question regarding pulling my money out of a hedge fund in America and bringing it back to Australia. I'm wondering how you all get your money back into Australia? Is it the best idea to setup a company and have profits...
  3. R

    Letting profits run versus selling at target price

    Funny you brought this up Julia this has been in my thoughts for a while now. Having never used stop losses lately I have been considering the possibility of using a trailing stop to sell when one of my more liquid holdings reaches my calculation of fair to over valued. To date this has not...
  4. Axiory

    Happy with your profits?

    Are you satisfied with your Forex earnings? Are you earning more or less than you were expecting to before you started trading? :eek: Kind regards, Jeff
  5. J

    Writedowns vs. profits

    A quick question - if a company has to write down asset values in a financial year as many property companies have had to do last year this transfers to their profit/loss. If those property values then increase next financial year does that mean they will report a much increased profit...