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  1. pavilion103

    Profiting from a fall in the Aussie Market

    I've been trading the market long during the run up. Now the market has topped and it looks like there may be some downside potential. One way that I've been looking to profit from the global market conditions is to short the FTSE. How about the Aussie market? The SPI Futures is a bit...
  2. S

    Profiting from IPOs

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on my latest investing technique. I have been investing in IPO's and have been profiting from them. Initially i invested in companies from tips, ie copperco, however i recently invested in the Redstone IPO, purchased at 25 cents, sold at...
  3. M

    Profiting from market trends?

    Hey I've just started up in the market a few weeks ago and I've noticed that everyone keeps talking about market trends etc. I'm at uni doing finance and have read that trends are just random and that its information that truly matters. From what I've seen, you have to know the company that...
  4. RichKid

    Profiting from possible El Niño - Stocks affected

    I've been reading and hearing about the possibility of an El Niño related drought reoccurring. Does anyone have any opinions on which stocks will be affected and how? (ie some benefit others don't). I'd say that some of the agricultural companies will but to what extend is another question...