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  1. qldfrog

    The Reset and its implications for your finances: how to profit from it?

    This is the birth of a thread which could be controversial as it edges on one assumption; You may or not agree with that assumption, if you disagree , that thread is not for you so please restrain from posting here and do not waste you time, I am just a loonies. The aim is not to go into...
  2. G

    CommSec Profit question

    Hi, Im wondering if anyone can explain this issue with CommSec. I've been a shareholder in a company for a week. Yesterday their share value started at 0.160 and finished the same at 0.160. I'm even there. I purchased shares in another company around 30mins after trading started and the...
  3. frugal.rock

    Profit & Loss log: Keep me honest

    Decided to start a thread as a log to keep myself honest and open to scrutiny and hopefully, suggestions are contributed along the journey.. Probably only about 10% along in the trading knowledge journey but that could be an overestimate. Won't know until I know if I ever know.:rolleyes: Will...
  4. R

    Is net income/profit/cash flow the same thing?

    Hey guys so do all these words mean the exact same thing? I was reading up Sirtex Medical, and I can't find net income so I went to net profit (after tax results) did some ratios compared it to some on other websites and it was pretty much spot on, but wanted to make sure that this wasn't just...
  5. JHenryV

    Is the Net Profit the last consequence?

    In philosophy, there is a principle too much elementary: Doesn’t exist consequence without cause. So, in this sense, is the net profit the last consequence of ALL the business management? In other words, the net profit always will reflect if a company was administered good or bad? Is...
  6. M

    How to overcome the risk and earn profit?

    Hi. Please anyone give me your experience when you are in the situation of risk and earned more profit. Please share your tricks here.
  7. M

    Tips and tricks to get more profit?

    Hi. I am looking to simple ideas and tricks to how to invest and where to invest and how to earn more profit with low investment. Please share your ideas and tricks.
  8. A

    Program for calculating profit from stocks

    Hi Folks I am after a program, website, spreadsheet that takes the price of a stock, the fees and costs associated with the purchase of the shares, then the sale of the shares and includes the taxes that must be paid resulting in the minimum share price at which the shares must be sold to...
  9. Gringotts Bank

    Using Excel to calculate optimal position size based on cumulative profit figures

    Here's a list of numbers representing cumulative profit of a system (last number = most recent). The position size used to generate this list was a fixed $ amount. How can Excel be used to determine the optimal position size for the next trade you're thinking of taking? Assume a working...
  10. M

    Making short term profit on Bonds

    Hi all, I have a question in relation to Treasury Traded Bonds traded from ASX. When I look at Yield, many with a high coupon interest bonds as well show a very low yield value. I believe this tells if...
  11. shyguy

    Level of profit - realistic?

    so i was doing some sums and came up with the following: if every month i purchase a total of 30k worth of shares and make a 10% profit on average, then after 10 months i stand to double my $30k. is 10% every month realistically achievable? 10% isnt a huge amount but in shares it can...
  12. E

    Simple profitable strategy with 3 indicators: +11% profit on Gold 29-31 October

    Hello All This is a simple strategy i would like to share. Its a trend following strategy based on Bill Williams profitunity system. BW developped the chaos trading approach of trading. This how i trade it: 3 indicators: - Awesome oscillator on MT4 (i used a different version developped...
  13. N

    Is a profit of 100% per year good enough?

    I joined the ASX Game and after 2.5 months, my profit is $50113. I am on position 3109 out of 12059 and as of today, 35.52% of players record a profit. While this is not really an accomplishment to be proud of, I am still in the first third of the herd and it's a confirmation that in the end...
  14. V

    Share of profit from shared investment?

    Hi guys, If me and a friend want to put in money together to put in a company how would we work out our share on the possible gain? Me: $1000 Friend: $2000 Total investment: $3000 Price goes up and we see a 50% return: Profit $1500 How would I work out how much I get of that...
  15. Tyler Durden

    Have I made a profit or loss?

    I guess this is about the order of selling shares, but let's say I buy 100 shares in company x for $2, so total outlay is $200. Six months later, the SP has gone down to $1. I think it is a good deal, so I buy 100 more at $1, for total outlay of $100. The SP goes up to $1.50, and I think...
  16. B

    Money management - relationship between profit and position size

    I have a mechanical system I trade that has some money management built in. I am looking for some ideas on possible next steps to improve this where possible. My Money Management I currently use a fixed fractional method that has 5 equal size positions so a 100k account would have 5 * 20k...
  17. C

    Best profit

    Being a "stock market" trader for about the past 9yrs on and off, I have only ever dabbled in the trading of ASX shares. Is there any of the more advantageous traders out there that trade shares/CDFs/options, etc what particular method have you found to be the most profitable with the least...
  18. Garpal Gumnut


    Please excuse the capitals but one has to tackle ones intellectual opponents who shout, with shouting. With great respect to Ducatti, WayneL tech/a Gorilla realist Kennas Noiruia magdoran and moneytree and too many others to mention I find it distressing that nobody has posted...
  19. Smurf1976

    Drought - profit/loss opportunities

    With the incredibly low rainfall in much of Australia this Winter and official predictions that we are at the beginning of an El Niño cycle (which typically leads to drought) I thought I would start a thread on the financial and market impacts of a continuation or worsening of the drought. I...
  20. S

    Profiting from IPOs

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on my latest investing technique. I have been investing in IPO's and have been profiting from them. Initially i invested in companies from tips, ie copperco, however i recently invested in the Redstone IPO, purchased at 25 cents, sold at...