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    System testing/backtesting: any pros out there to hire?

    Tried option trading 30 years ago, you know - the three legged stool thing -1) money management, 2) system for entry and exit and3) DISCIPLINE to adhere to the rules in the first two legs. First two were successful but crashed with discipline. Still have money management skills and...
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    Can any Amibroker pros tell me what's wrong with this code?

    Im trying to use a paramlist in one pane to control the title text in another pane. So far, I've come up with the following code which, although probably very crude, is almost there but I must be doing something wrong which I cant quite figure out. Thanks. //code in the pane containing the...
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    How the pros are doing

    Every so often I like to have a browse through the performance of the many managed futures funds reported on this website; It is interesting that despite being run by various MBAs, finance degrees, computer engineers, rocket scientists...