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  1. S

    Remap Problem - ideas??

    Hello All, Here is my code....if you run an exploration in Amibroker you will see four columns. The last colum is supposed to be the difference between the second and third....but no! It seems my remap is affecting the result, but I dont know how or why...if the remap lines are commented out...
  2. basilio

    Grog: How much of a problem?

    Most of us drink alcohol. Sometimes we might overdo it. Some of our friends overdo it. How seriously should we consider giving it away to improve our health and quality of life if not totally at least largely ? Check out this personal story. I was only going to give up alcohol for a month but...
  3. bngood

    Metastock data reading problem

    Hi, I have metastock on windows 10 with data from an external provider and it works fine. I now have a new computer - still windows 10 - and the data comes down on the new computer via the data program but Metastock won't read it. The data only shows up in Metastock as "dat" files not as the...
  4. Joe Blow

    Problem with email alerts

    Hi folks, I just wanted to let you all know that since Sunday morning there has been a problem with some email alerts for watched threads reaching ASF members' inboxes. Early Sunday morning one of ASF's email addresses was compromised by a scumbag hacker who proceeded to blast out his erectile...
  5. R

    Calculating net tangible assets problem

    Hey guys so I am having a problem calculating net tangible assets. I took Apple as an example, and I did the companies calculation and its accurate its 119629000, they say if the market price is less than the net tangible assets then the stock might be undervalued. Are we also now supposed to do...
  6. L

    Drawdown Monte Carlo Increase over time PROBLEM

    Hi Traders after extensive testing using Monte Carlo mathematically correct for Drawdown analysis I see only bad news. Using random selection with replacement to create 200 trades long series of cumulative return (More than 10 000 of them) and from this extracting the distribution for...
  7. J

    A problem when backtesting in Amibroker

    hi guys, I'm kind of new in Amibroker and i have a problem when I try to back-test my strategy when I write buy= cross(rsi(14), 70) the actual buy price is the open of the candle which is not what I'M looking for because most of the time is below 70. in reality rsi has crossed the 70 line...
  8. P

    Conditional Orders Problem at Westpac Online Investing

    Anyone else been hit by Trailing Conditional Orders not working as expected on Westpac Online Investing or Commsec? Westpac have a problem in their system that the info shown in screen reports on trailing orders sometimes doesn't match what the order is actually doing. Like when a trailing...
  9. M

    Commsec problems

    Hi everyone, Why would a company appear as not listed on Commsec when it obviously appears on the ASX Any ideas?
  10. C

    IG Markets problem

    Despite several calls and emails to IG they do not seem to be able to fix basic charts for the Australian 200 which appear to have lost all data before 17 dec 2012. So frustrating. Has anyone else had same problem?
  11. Julia

    Website problem: Business Spectator

    I'm a (non-paying) subscriber to Business Spectator and find value in much of their daily emails. Over the last week, it has taken up to two minutes to access a link from the daily email and when the new screen does eventually come up it's overlaid with another screen, rendering both pages...
  12. Chorlton

    Metastock Problem

    Hello All, Calling all Metastock users!!! I've currently got a problem loading charts and would welcome some help :( When I try to load a chart, only the last 2 years of data is displayed even though according to the first and last dates, I have data for the last 7 years!! I have...