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  1. G

    Employers putting software on mobile phones (monitoring, privacy concerns)

    What do people think about employers putting software on our phones. forgot the name, some Microsoft product. for a job (requested during interview )'s work at home Could they take pics of my face? look at my search history, photos, open up my note files, see what i'm doing? it's a...
  2. J

    Privacy Concerns

    Hello everyone, I am new to the world of stock investing and I am just wondering as to if I can keep my information private that I provide to third-party entities, keep in mind I am not at all trying to avoid taxes, I am simply paranoid for the information I provide. Can I also use my initials...
  3. cb3d

    Privacy on ASF

    Hi guys, I only just checked this but without realising it I had my DOB details up for anyone to see. I'm pretty cautious about these things in general so it irks me that the default is to have this displayed for all to see. Yes I'm using a pseudonym but still not worth it having it out there...
  4. Tisme

    Individual Privacy

    So the Libertarian party has so far: 1) made our meta data transparent to public servants so they can stop terrorists in their tracks. 2) enabled public servants to GPS track us via our phones 3) Now our drivers licence pics are to be used to track us via an ubiquitous facial recognition...
  5. Uncle Festivus

    The Internet: Tips, Tricks & Privacy

    Not sure if there's a topic already so here goes.... I use Firefox Browser with the following ad-ons - Adblock Plus - English (Australian) Dictionary - Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on - Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) - or Do Not Track Plus You will be amazed at who is...