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prime minister

  1. noirua

    Prime Ministers

    List of prime ministers of Australia
  2. wayneL

    Jim Molan For PM

    ....and **** the Greens. What a tawdry mob of tosspots they are.
  3. N

    Cory Bernardi for PM

    Cory is more popular than all the others put together...Pauline is next......The Political revolution is well on the way.
  4. SirRumpole

    Is Turnbull PM material?

    Gives a tax cut to big business costing $50 billion over 10 years, with most of the profits going to foreign shareholders or the US government and no word on how he is going to fund this. All this when he has produced record debt and deficit. Why should we think this is anything else but...
  5. sptrawler

    Is Scott Morrison our next PM?

    It may be a big call, but unless Tony gets traction in the polls, plan B may be Morrison.IMO He seems to be the only politician, that can speak his mind and get away with it. I'm sure if he was made leader of the coalition, he would come under a lot more pressure, but he seems to handle it...
  6. drsmith

    Julie Bishop for PM

    As much as I hate to say it, poor old Tones has done his dash and perhaps from this point, the best thing he can do for the party and the nation as a whole is facilitate an orderly transition to a new leader. While a favourite of the Left when he's a rung or two below looking enviously up...
  7. SirRumpole

    Is Abbott PM material?

    There is no argument any more is there ? He's not.
  8. wayneL

    Jacqui Lambie for PM

    Just getting in first :-) ....or maybe Pauline Hanson MkII? Either way, loads of entertainment to come IMO.
  9. Whiskers

    Barnaby Joyce for PM

    Now, I'm not advocating tossing Tony just yet... but as Warren Truss, the current leader of the Nationals is getting a bit long in the tooth, it's time to prepare for some fresh blood to take the reins of the Nationals and plan for a coup on PM' Barnaby is the straight talking, principled...
  10. dutchie

    Is Shorten PM material?

    So we have a Swan that is a goose. Now we have a smart alec Shorten that's one too! Bill thought he had Tony Abbott in his sights and picked him up on his stumble about the time that the RBA would announce the next interest rate:- BILL SHORTEN: We all make mistakes but when you want to...
  11. Garpal Gumnut

    Kevin Rudd for PM

    Let's face it, Gillard has not got the bottle to be PM. It appears that the Greens and the 2 Independents will keep Labor in power until the next election when voters will have the chance to turf them out. Rudd could also count on Bob Katter as an ally, should one of the other three...
  12. N

    Pauline Hanson for PM?

    Now, now no bad language please. But!!!. Todays poll on nine gave a result that would possibly beat both Abbott and Gillard if the same question was asked in the same manner. Question; Do you want Pauline Hanson to return to politics? Vote Yes.....36866 No......44154. Not...
  13. wayneL

    Bindi Irwin for PM

    And why not? Just about everyone else has been suggested. :p:
  14. N

    Turnbull for PM

    It looks like Turnbull now has the numbers to regain the leadership of the Liberals. I would be surprised if there would not be some Abbot supporters that are losing faith in his ability to win government and they are switching back to favouring Malcolm. I may even change my vote and vote...
  15. Garpal Gumnut

    Tony Abbott for PM

    Seeing as Costello says he won't change his mind, this godbothering pugilist might be the next best bet for Australia. It seems that godbotherers are de rigeur for leaders these days. Even the old KGB toecutter Putin bends the knee weekly in St.Petersburg. Go for it Tony. Give the...
  16. The Mint Man

    Would Peter Costello make a good PM?

    Do you think Peter Costello would make a good PM? :confused: :D feel free to vote on the poll. This thread is about peter costello being PM not who you vote for so either way you can still participate. NOTE: you can pick more then one if you so desire. cheers MintMan :swear:
  17. krisbarry

    Our Prime Minister is very generous!

    Today he plucked a few eyebrow hairs and decided to perform a splendorous back-flip on the latest petrol excises rise due early next year. ...That’s why our little Johnny sternly reminded the Australian public a few weeks back that he could not lower the taxation rate applied to fuel, as in...