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  1. tech/a

    Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts - Example Charts & Analysis

    As suggested I will post up charts with analysis to follow. I search for Volume Control Bars and save them to file. I have 2 searches (1) For Today (5) 5 Days ago so we can look for any patterns. Most VCB bars have price form an inside bar the next day,this is common Strong bars will continue...
  2. tech/a

    Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts, an Application to Trading Stocks

    Further to Greggles discussion on DYL This is a fascinating topic that I have researched and refined over at least 10 yrs. It really needs to be presented in its entirety as charts and explanation are really necessary to show a complete picture. To gel everything together. Topics (1) Volume...
  3. K

    How does a security have a universal price?

    Hi, I'm new to trading. I am just wondering how a security has a universal price if different exchanges have different prices. Don't different exchanges have their own trades going on? So, they will have different last traded price/ price of the security, right?
  4. G

    Access to historical price data

    Hi does anyone know how to get a download of the past year ( or 5 yrs) price data for every share on the asx, without having to type in individual stock codes? I,m also after option prices too. Looking for the standard end of day info (OCHL, Vol) etc. Preferably free. Thanks
  5. A

    I assume price swings indicate a stock is being bought and sold?

    Silly question but I assume when the charts go from one figure to another that indicates trades are being made to change the price... I was recently looking at a chart for a small cap company trading for 1cent & on some days the high was 2cent. This looks to happen daily so I would assume that...
  6. R

    Problem with calculating price to earning ratio?

    Hey there guys I have a problem getting the Price to earning ratio, if you google a company for example Facebook it shows the p/e ratio is 62. but when I did the manual calculation which is stock current price / eps I get the wrong number. So I did 128.99 (stocks current price) / 1.24(EPS)...
  7. Triathlete

    Trading with Price, Pattern and Time

    Trading using Price ,Pattern and Time analysis Hi All Over my years of study and trading I have been using the combination of price , pattern and time analysis in my medium to long term trading and have been successful so far. I will see if I can explain. A traders number one...
  8. B

    Volume at price

    Anyone know a way to get volume at price (end of day) in relation to the asx?
  9. darkhorse70

    Shares outstanding vs. price

    Currently trying to create some sort of trading strategy. One of my criteria in filtering stock is share price. It got me wondering, if a companies shares outstanding is half that of another but its price is worth twice as much are they equal. For example tesla is around $250 per share but has...
  10. B

    High volume, low price?

    Hi, I'm new to the stock market and am trying to learn on my feet. I can find most of my information in blogs, how to's etc. however I have one question I cannot find the answer to. Possibly because I do not know the correct terms to search so I thought if I could explain what I want to know...
  11. D

    Amibroker Question: Buy 5 days after Buy Signal if price is higher

    Hi guys, I am new to Amibroker, so pardon me if this question is stupid :) I would like to implement a system which enter long in a stock 5 days after a simple moving average cross-over only if the closing price that day is higher than the closing price of the day of the cross-over. I...
  12. warennie

    Finding the strike price of company issued options?

    How do I find the Strike Price of Company Issued Options? For example CTPO or GTEO... Do i need to go through all there announcements to find what they issued them at? Or is there a website that has this information?
  13. S

    Base Metal and Precious Metal prices

    Hi guys, The ol' PC has decided that it needed a frontal labotamy and so left home. Hence most programs arent working at all. All I need to know is what is a good site for current data on bases and precious. I am not sure if commsec is that up to date, and I have never really had to look...
  14. E

    WTF! Base metal prices slide!

    What the hell is going on today?, why did all the base metal prices slip?, especially nickel??, went down 6% in like 12 hours, what the hell is that?