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price action

  1. ducati916

    The Contents of a Bar

    It was this [partial] post that got me thinking, as there are a number [lots?] of systems traders out there: I don't think I curve fit and use price action patterns as a basis for all my code , the majority of my indicators are custom written by myself ( why I will not divulge or discuss ) and...
  2. skc

    Price action leading into company report

    There was a short discussion over here about share price action before company reporting... The question is - does the collective wisdom of the market, on balance, accurately pre-empt the...
  3. M

    Price Action Scalping

    This is a visual thread only, scalping any instruments. The idea is to show your thoughts, how you trade and learn from others visually. If you like to be part of it, introduce yourself and tell us why you want to be part of it. Most of the comments should be accompanied by a visual or...
  4. F

    Price Action Trading

    Hello all, I can not find a dedicated thread that discussed trading forex with Price Action. I figured I may as well start a thread and see if I could get some like minded traders involved in some solid discussions and Price Action setups. I must say up front (no hidden agendas) I am a...
  5. S

    Price Action

    Hi all I often read comments posted by traders that say "I don't use indicators, but only price; or, price is the best indicator". What does this mean? prices move frequently so how does one apply this? Cheers stargazer